Practical Tips for Working With a Virtual Boss

Businesses are changing the way they operate. Nowadays it’s becoming less and less practical to do business in traditional offices in plain sight of those you work with. As a result, virtual tour indonesia more and more businesses are moving to virtual workforces, ignoring geographical boundaries to work across time zones and geography to accomplish tasks.

Of course this shift in process has implications for everyone involved from top to bottom. Organizations have responded by providing training for leaders to ease their discomfort in adapting to this new virtual reality. But where does this leave the employees?

To avoid being left high and dry in this new virtual work-world, here are a few practical tips to help remote employees form and manage productive relationships with their bosses:

Be proactive in contacting your boss

It’s no secret that successful business relationships are built on trust. Start off by attempting to arrange a face-to-face meeting with your virtual boss. If meeting in person turns out to be unworkable, instead schedule time to discuss business matters via video or over the phone. Eventually you can work on tasks with more relaxed discussions. These proactive interactions will compensate for the lack of in-person relationship building and work towards producing a productive business rapport between you and your boss.

Be available

You are no longer working in a shared office space in which your boss can stop by and check on you at his/her convenience. Therefore your boss needs to know when you are available and the best way to reach you. Some businesses use shared calendars to help virtual workers schedule and maintain accessibility. It is also a good idea to establish protocol for how and when to check in with one another to keep the lines of communication open and functioning smoothly.

It is not necessary to schedule weekly check-ins with your boss. It is important, however, to have mechanisms in place that establish communication norms whenever there is a problem or a crucial decision to be made.

Keep your boss in the know

Virtual or not, an informed boss is a happy boss. Effective virtual team members share important happenings with their bosses. As tasks mount and evolve, confirm your understanding of responsibilities. Mention meaningful milestones and successes in your work, giving credit, of course, to those that contributed to your achievements (maintaining humility in these reports is always a plus).

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