Planning Tips From Angry Birds and Microsoft Project

  1. Really Know Your Birds: Black Birds are literally flying bombs, while every White Bird can drop an egg bomb we can use to destroy a structure. Every single bird – that is, team member – has unique qualities, skills and expertise. Do make sure you know your team’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can allocate the right resources for every task. You can use the automatic Microsoft’s effort-driven scheduling to plan doing every task in the shortest time.
  2. Communicate Your Plan: As project manager, do make sure you share your plan and vision with your team, easy and free! Project teams can make use of online storage services such as Dropbox for storing and sharing MS Project (MPP) files. Dropbox users (2Gb storage for free) can store any type of file in their Dropbox. From their Dropbox, the project manager can send a link, via email, to any of those files including an MPP file. Any project team member, with the Housatonic Project Viewer for Microsoft Project on their PC (free trial available), can simply click on the link to the project file and (bingo!) the viewer launches and opens the file with a single click MPP files
  3. Try Different Angles: Literally, that’s what one has to do with Angry Birds and project management. Don’t let the frustration get you angry when an unexpected situation creates a delay. Use Microsoft Project Gantt charts to simulate various scenarios, and learn the best strategy to use when the unexpected arises.
  4. Think Outside the Box: Best thing about gaming is that we can our use innate creativity, and try various scenarios. For example, one can use a Yellow bird against a wall without using finger tapping to accelerate. Bring innovative solutions in project management, while safely relying on industries’s golden standard of Microsoft Project.
  5. Observe the Environment: We can use the environment to note the perfect timing for an action. This helps to know exactly when to launch an egg bomb. Fact is, there are no two identical projects to manage. Make sure you actively listen to your client and your team experts. It will allow smart project moves and will avoid disaster.
  6. Take notes: Score changes with every bird hit. Angry birds use scores, project managers use reports, charts and presentations. Impress your coworkers and your customers by designing custom reports to show the current status and relevant figures for your project.
  7. Expect the unexpected: Risk and adrenaline drive every Angry Bird. While enjoying the adrenaline rush, always keep in mind the scope of your project. Make sure you plan ahead and you do have a reliable backup plan. You never know what comes next, and you do want to be prepared.

Don’t get angry! In the end, the best thing is to enjoy the game and the work. If you love project management you will have great outcomes and your customers will love it too. Aim high and get cheering ovations at the end!

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