Is Chinese Furniture Better? How?

The contracting economy has put a lot of stress on people moving into their first home or apartment. They need to stock the place with furniture, however furniture is very expensive. Granted, it’s designed to last for a very long time, but the initial cost means that many people find they can’t afford even basic furniture like tables, chairs and beds. Luckily, the Chinese have recognized this problem and sought to fill the market with low-end, less expensive furniture that is often delivered without being assembled, or is assembled at the store where it is sold. Many people looked down on this furniture as inferior in quality or reserved for those with tiny budgets, deriding them as disposable furniture for persons who needed cheap, quick furniture more than they needed something with style and value. artisan furniture uk

Many Chinese companies were content to continue producing low-end, prefabricated furniture made mostly of plywood, but a few realized that they had a unique opportunity. China has been home to some of the finest woodworkers in the world for centuries, and true traditional Chinese furniture is renowned for it’s longevity and quality. Chinese companies began to seek out these artisans and have them shift to more modern designs, often hiring designers from Europe or the United States to design the furniture these artisans made. The resulting furniture is much more expensive than the cheap, prefabricated furniture, but it is of a quality similar to that produced in Europe or the Americas yet costs much less.

This abundance of Chinese furniture that is comparably inexpensive yet elegant and beautiful has massively increased Chinese imports. It has also opened a world of style to low-end or budget minded consumers, who cannot afford famous French or Italian designs but can afford Chinese designs based off of them. These Chinese companies also have access to high-quality lumber from the more remote regions of China, in addition to Canadian and Russian imported lumber, allowing them to produce furniture with the quality and longevity more typically associated with high-end furniture manufacturers.

The famous antiques from Europe and the Americas are irreplaceable pieces of furniture that are as beautiful as they are functional. However, not everyone can afford them or has the resources to take care of them, and it is those customers who want high quality furniture at a low, fair price who have turned to the Chinese. Chinese artisans have moved to provide such furniture, and those who buy it find that they gain all the benefits of expensive European furniture with a much reduced price.

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