EXPOSED! Improving Your Sex Life by Using Exercises For Better Sex

Sex is an important part of any relationship. It brings a couple closer together, it relives daily stress that you would normally project onto each other, and it feels good.เย็ดหี If your sex life can be improved, it would be a good idea to do so because poor quality sex can hurt a relationship. It is a proven fact that sex is connected to many aspects of a relationship so do your best to maintain a healthy sex life.

I am going to teach you how to exercise certain areas to improve sexual performance.


Better than any exercise, being more limber is a great way to improve sex. Some women are unable to place their legs in the proper position comfortably in order to receive maximum penetration. In some positions, no matter how small the man is, he can give you pleasure. Stretching your legs is a great way to start. You should also work out your back as well.

Exercising the Penis and Vagina

We can’t physically see the muscles, but we all know we can flex them in the vagina and penis. Spending some time Flexing and releasing this muscle leads to improvement of these areas. For men it prevents premature ejaculation and makes for a harder erection. For a woman it makes the vagina tighter.


Good old cardio exercise is great for sex. Have you have had sex and ended dead tired? This is a huge problem. If one of you can handle it and the other can’t, the sex will be awkward. You both have to be able to go the distance so you should practice running together.

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