Choosing a Suitable LED Car owner for Your RED Strip Lamps

Today we are answering another one regarding your FAQs, this particular time relating in order to the main topics LED Drivers.

As LED Strip Lights have ac electricity and current specifications which are different to the mains strength supply (240V AC), they want an independent unit called a good LED Driver within order to job.

What exactly is an DIRECTED Driver?

An BROUGHT Driver, sometimes called to as the transformer or power, is a self-contained power that fits its output to the voltage and current requirements in the device it serves. Working on a similar basis in order to the 12V transformers in MR16 spotlight systems, the LED Driver takes the mains electricity supply and changes this to 12V POWER.

Which LED Driver do I need to have?

Drivers come in numerous shapes and measurements, but not all will certainly be suitable for the purposes. Think about a new driver you should look at typically the following:

-The run outlet you are using;

-The size of your LED Strip Lights.

BROUGHT Drivers come within two main types; “plug and play” and mains prepared.

Since the name indicates, “plug and play” drivers are intended for quick in addition to easy installation, plus require minimal competence to use. The driving force connects to the particular mains supply via a standard UK 3-pin plug in addition to to the deprive lights through matching male and feminine connectors.

Buck boost converter set drivers are designed for more advanced installations and can be hardwired directly into your household mains, usually via the domestic household move for a fully built-in lighting experience. A good IP67 ratingalso helps make them well suited for make use of in wet and damp conditions.

And also the type, you will also have to pick a suitably type of driver. The size of the driver is measured in watts and even needs being matched to the power consumption, or “load, ” of your current LED Strip Lights.

To calculate the load of your deprive lights, multiply the particular wattage per metre by the total number of metres you intend in order to run off an individual driver. This is often indicated as follows:

power consumption per metre by number of metre distances = total energy consumption (load)

With regard to instance, if you work with twelve metres of GUIDED Strip Light that consumes 7. a couple of watts per metre, the entire insert will probably be 10 by 7. 2 = 72 watts. Within this particular example an 100 watt driver will probably be satisfactory.

Remember, it is easy to run more than 1 strip light off a single driver. Always consult a specialist electrician before attempting virtually any mains electrical job.

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